December 4, 2011

December Update

Hey its Oakley again. Welcome to the December update.

We have all been busy and its nice to be heading towards winter break and be able to relax. We hope you all have a great holiday season.

For our part we will continue to produce videos and keep you all entertained. Coming up soon will be infection week. This gift to our community will be a week long focus on the gametype we all know and love. ZOMBIES will be overrunning THFE as they attempt to collect enough brains to fill all your stockings for Christmas.

During this week we will be rolling out at least a video a day. Each day you will be able to unwrap a new present in the form of a map from the zm_ series. Along with featuring new, infection specific maps, we will be bringing you guys tips and tricks based around building infection maps. We will also be hosting custom games on weekends and perhaps lobbies dedicated to playing with the undead.

Hope you all enjoy!